We are always looking to add to our
talented team


ADSS is known for our family-type atmosphere and long-term relationships. We’ve built a culture and workplace that encourages teamwork, innovation, mutual respect, accountability and engagement. Our team is committed to taking ADSS to the next level.


We offer tailor made electronic security solutions with top-of-the-line products, installed and serviced by a team of experienced professionals. Our experience, competence and focus will deliver client satisfaction. Well-trained technicians who provide professional installation, maintenance and support. With a unique and highly skilled sales staff who can properly recommend and design your system. We work with you to implement your custom solution that will best suit your organizational needs.

Small business service and accessibility. Listening to our clients, delivering on time, values, integrity, consistency and accountability. These are key components of a successful long term small business. As we’ve expanded, we maintain our commitment to our small business roots. Founded in 2004 as a small Montréal business, to now completing projects in over 10 countries.

The key to our success is our team. This focus on people, genuine relationships, and shared values has created a unique working environment that sets us apart. At ADSS we understand the value of our people and appreciate our team.

Andrew Lauzon ADSS Owner