Your Security is our Business


We offer tailor made electronic security solutions with top-of-the-line products, installed and serviced by a team of experienced professionals. Our experience, competence and focus will deliver client satisfaction. Our service is exemplary, with well-trained technicians who provide professional installation, maintenance and service support. We work with you to implement your custom solution that will best suit your organizational needs.

Access Control

This is one of the most important security investments a business will make. This provides many benefits over simple locking hardware and keys. Scheduling, managing users and reporting functions are huge advantages. With an access system properly deployed you can secure your building with minimal inconvenience. Since 2020 access systems and operations have changed. Cloud based systems with mobile credentials have quickly become the norm. ADSS has the right products for your deployment.

Video Surveillance & Analytics

Like access control systems this is another significant critical security investment. The camera system is essential for protection of organisations and employees. Video systems are now moving from post-event verification to immediate response and decision making. Analytics, cloud and A.I. are rapidly changing this industry. At ADSS we are partnered with leading video management software systems. We are at the forefront of this fast-moving industry. It is crucial to build on the right platform with the right products.  Let us build your video system today!


A necessity in most workplaces due to insurance requirements. Used to alert upon unauthorized entry with contacts, motion detectors and monitoring of other devices, such as fire, carbon monoxide and sprinkler systems. An effective alarm system will give you peace of mind. However if not installed properly, with quality products it quickly becomes a major source of aggravation. Our experience with these systems will ensure worry free operation.


When security is in place communication systems are essential.  Keep doors, barriers, gates locked and identify visitors before letting them into your facility. We have experience in multiple communication platforms. Whether it’s Commend, TOA, Motorola, Brivo, Code Blue, Aiphone or 2N solutions. From simple analog to multisite IP, ADSS can help choose what solution is best for you!

System Integration

“Security System Integration” refers to the merging of physical security applications i.e. converging the separate security systems together. We can integrate your security systems together and help design your new scalable platform. In this industry the INTEGRATION tagline is not a standard. Many companies make claims that don’t translate to real-world reliable results. Contact a company with 20 years plus experience first!


Hosted Solutions & Monitoring

Cloud hosted access control systems are here. There are many advantages to this format including reduction of hardware, maintenance, software updates and cost. Our partnerships with Feenics (ACRE), Brivo, Openpath, Rhombus, GENEA and LENEL makes ADSS the ideal choice for your cloud base access control system. One monthly fee replaces onsite server and local software. Alarm monitoring and cloud video also available at competitive rates, both commercial and residential.  Think ADSS!

Security Entrance Control

Pedestrian and vehicle access control including security entrance lanes, turnstiles and vehicle barriers. These systems are a necessity for high security facilities or in managing a high volume of people securely. At ADSS we have multiple certifications from leading manufacturers. As one of the most expensive investments in security, these products are not all created equal. Careful product selection is necessary. We can help!

Perimeter Control

Perimeter security can be defined as systems or technologies that monitor grounds from unauthorised physical intrusions across the perimeter. This can be achieved in many ways. We can offer perimeter detection systems that integrate into our customers’ overall security programs. We have partnerships with both Southwest Microwave and Senstar who are the industry leaders.